AD&THEFILMTAXI Shave to grey
The sound of shaving (to) visage, devenir a gris, 2010.

Andrew Wilson-Lambeth A wilder gray
Andrew, a lecturer in Graphic Design at LMU, created A wilder gray by breathing along to Gray, a piece by Alec Wilder from the 1956 Colombia LP Frank Sinatra Conducts Tone Poems of Colour, which is the same age as his own lungs (54 yrs); the first quarter incorporates g-sounds, the next quarter r-sounds, then a-sounds and finally y-ish noises, taking him a complete minute to say gray (grey).

Andrew Tunstall Covered in dust
Andrew, a Second Year student in Contemporary Art Practices, created this live instrument version of a chopped up sample soundpiece inspired by Neil Young's Cowgirl in the Sand.

Bill Drummond Grey and me
Recorded specifically for the CD in a hotel in Swansea, December 2009. See Penkiln Burn.

Boo Radleys Wake up Boo!
The chorus from Wake Up Boo!, performed by The Boo Radleys (p), written by Martin Carr, 1995 Creation Records Limited is licensed courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited.

Chris Wheeler Grey Mist
Chris, a Third Year student in Fine Art, comments about his piece: “the Latin word for Grey is Griseus. Canus which means light grey, 'Canus' was used (also meant an old man - one with gray hair). 'Caesius' meant blue-gray, and was used for eyes only. With this in mind I have created my artist impression of what this “grey” is to me."

DX5 Fade to grey
Excerpts from a cover version of the Visage song, written by Billy Currie, Christopher Payne and Midge Ure and recorded by Visage, Polydor Records 1980.

Gerhard Richter Excerpt from letter to Edy de Wilde, 1975
Incuded by kind permission of Atelier Richter, and read for the CD by Peter Gorschlüter, Head of Exhibitions and Display at Tate Liverpool.

The Grey Panthers Rally cry
The Grey Panthers were founded by Maggie Kuhn to further pensioners' rights and to provide a forum for elderly citizens across the globe. In this clip, Judy Lear is the Panther ‘roaring against the war’ in Brooklyn on 13 September 2007.

Grey Gordon Orchestra Artists Life
From 1939

Harold Offeh Grey gardens
Harold, artist and lecturer in Contemporary Art Practices, reads an excerpt from Grey gardens, the 1975 documentary film on the reclusive socialite Edith Beales, first cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

Henry Miller Quiet days in Clichy
Excerpts from the opening page are included courtesy of the Henry Miller Estate and Agence Hoffman. Kindly read for the CD by the artist Les Joynes, sitting in the Shabu Shabu East restaurant in New York, January 2010. Miller wrote Clichy, published by Olympia Press in 1956, in New York and opens with a celebration of the French grey - gris - in its infinite world of thought and freedom.

Hilary Mullaney Green Gates
Dublin-based composer Hilary Mullaney studied at the Centre de création musicale Iannis Xenakis in Paris and completed Scipio and completed the Mamori Sound Project residency in Brazil with Francisco Lopez in 2008. Green gates uses recordings of the sound produced when wind blows through the gates of her home during grey, stormy conditions.

Huw Andrews Biodegrade, Grace and UFA
Huw, a Third Year Fine Art student, created three pieces for the CD. He notes: “To find grey, the inescapable shade, proved to be harder that expected. Eventually I found its sound on the street and in our voices. Removing syllables and recording steps formed a measured backbeat to grey. Through systematic marches, such repetition creates its pace, the pace of grey.”

Irina Ratushinskaya Grey is the colour of hope
The epilogue from Irina Ratushinskaya's Grey is the colour of hope (1988) is included courtesy of the poet herself and Andrew Nurnberg Associates. This recording is copyright of Isis Publishing 1990. On her 29th birthday in 1983, Ratushinskaya was imprisoned for seven years hard labour in a Siberian labour camp for "expressing anti-Soviet propaganda". In atrocious circumstances, she continued to write and smuggle out texts recounting her struggle to see hope in everything, including her grey Zek uniform.

Jeff Young Colourblind
Jeff Young’s work includes over twenty plays, radio essays and drama documentaries for Resonance FM and BBC Radio 3 and 4. He has collaborated with Pete Townshend on Lifehouse and Quadrophenia, with Pete Wylie on Pins and needles and his Carandiru, recorded in a Sao Paulo prison, was nominated for a Sony.

Jim Mangnall The new black
Jim Mangnall was born in Liverpool in 1930 and has had poetry and short stories published in the UK and the Netherlands with Ambit, Minerva Press, Heinemann and the BBC. His novel The Map Maker was published by Driftwood/Ambit in 2001.

Joe Whitney Fan and Silence
Joe, a Second Year Contemporary Art Practices student, created two works for the CD.

John Whitehead Grey
John is a Third Year Contemporary Art Practices student.

Lauren Wiles-Shortall Movement and Taping
Lauren, a Second Year Contemporary Art Practices student, created two works for the CD.

Leadbelly Grey goose
The spoken word introduction to this 1947 recording by Leadbelly is from the recording entitled Leadbelly Sings for Children, SF45047, provided courtesy of Smithsonian Folksway Recordings, © 1999. Used by permission.

Les Connelly 10 percent
Les is a Second Year Contemporary Art Practices student and his 10 percent is a piece transformed significantly from its original orchestration of distorted samples of every day grey-coloured objects. From the first industrial composition, speeds and lengths were adjusted to create this haunting piece.

Liz Stirling Grey ink
Liz lectures in Graphis Design and co-runs the MA Programme for the School with Peter Lewis. Grey ink

Lydia Lunch & Teenage Jesus Burning Rubber (excerpt)
The line 'the cement glows grey' is from Burning Rubber, words and music by Lydia Lunch, performed by Teenage Jesus, published by Widowspeak (ASCAP/HFA), © Lydia Lunch/Widowspeak.

Mark Hannesson Greymatter
Mark Hannesson is a Winnipeg-born composer now living in Edmonton Canada, a founding member of the experimental Music Collective, and is presently teaching composition and music technology at the University of Alberta.

Mark Whitford For all your sins and Untitled (grey)
Mark Whitford is a Third Year Contemporary Art Practices student and his For all your sins is his audio perception of what grey might sound like, higher pitch tones representing white, lower tones black. Untitled (grey) developed from a childhood memory of standing on a ferry disappearing into the mist.

Max Richter The Road Is A Grey Tape
Max Richter’s The road is a grey tape is from the CD 24 postcards in full colour, a collection of compositions for alternative ringtones, exploring the anticipation one feels when a mobile rings.

Medea Connection Grey In the Grey Morning
Medea Connection hail from Massachusetts.

Midge Ure On writing Fade to grey
Midge Ure outlines the story of Ultravox, Thin Lizzy, Gary Numan and Billy Currie that results in the writing of Fade to grey.

Port + Starboard Embraced by Murky Sobs
Port + Starboard’s Embraced by Murky Sobs is also based on personal accounts of being caught in dense fog at sea, an unsettling experience, in many cases more dangerous than severe storm conditions and large waves. For anyone who has spent time at sea, the relevance of the colour grey will be self-evident. Talk to experienced seamen and they will no doubt have encountered the disorientation and feelings of helplessness one experiences when caught in a 'grey-out'.

REKS Grey Hairs
REKS appears courtesy of Traffic Entertainment and Grey hairs is from 2008.

Rian Treanor Improbability will decide our future
Rian is a Third Year Fine Art student and his Improbability will decide our future was produced as part of the the 2009 Chris Watson audio project in The Leeds School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design.

Rodney Marsh English football is a grey game
Becoming disillusioned with the English game in the 1970s, Rodney signed for the Tampa Bay Rowdies and signed off with the line English football is a grey game played on grey days by grey people now recorded specifically for the CD in Miami.

Rory Macbeth Untitled Sustained Note no.3
Artist and lecturer in Fine Art and Contemporary Art Practices, Rory's Untitled Sustained Note no.3 is the Yorkshire Imperial Brass Band all playing a randomly chosen note for as long a they can.

The Old Testament Bring down thy grey hairs with sorrow to the grave
From Genesis 42:38, variably written bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to Sheol, the grief would drive this gray-haired old man to his grave or bring down my gray hairs with sorrow to hell.

Wil Bolton Static Loop
Wil Bolton is an artist working predominantly with sound, combining electronic tones with digitally processed acoustic sounds including field recordings and musical instruments. He also collaborates with Shay Nassi as Shail.

William Shakespeare The grey-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night
From Romeo and Juliet (Act 2, scene 3)