This item is intended solely for educational use, is not for sale or re-sale or any further distribution. This CD has been compiled by Alan Dunn, Associate Senior Lecturer in Contemporary Art, Leeds Metropolitan University and has been supported by the Arts Council of England and Leeds Metropolitan University. It brings together new audio works by staff and students from the School of Contemporary Art and Graphic Design alongside existing artists’ pieces and archival material. Every effort has been made to ensure proper and legal use of all audio and any queries should be addressed to:

Edition of 1,000 distributed free of charge, cantaudio031, Leeds/Liverpool, March 2010. This CD is covered by an MCPS Limited Manufacture Licence.

Design by John Barton and Sean Thomas, Second Year Graphic Design students. Cover images taken from a San Francisco apartment window on consecutive days, Chris Bloor, 2009. Manufacture by Mediaheaven, Leeds. Produced by Paul Draper and Adam Monaghan, Dead Frog Studio, Bickerstaffe

This CD has been made possible with the invaluable support, encouragement and co-operation of many people, including Thomas Good (Editor, Next Left Notes), Alex Wright (Fat Cat Records), David McCleery (Manners McDade Artist Management), Phillippa Watson (Midge Ure Office), Jose Maria Bara (DX5), Daniel Brockman and Tanya Paglia (Medea Connection), Georges Hoffman and Ursula Bender (Agence Hoffman), David Moynihan (Disruptive Publishing), Eric Price and Amy Hundley (Grove Atlantic), Martin Carr (Boo Radleys), Elizabeth Peers (Sony Music), Cathy Carapella (Smithsonian Folkways), Christine Couldwell (Design and Artists Copyright Society), Emily Wrath (Tate Enterprises Ltd), Konstanze Ell (Atelier Richter), Tom Garretson (Lydia Lunch agreement), Joanna Olszowska (Director, EMG Sports & Entertainment), Irina Roberts (Andrew Nurnberg Associates), Becky Curtis (Isis Publishing Ltd), Alice Morgan, James Chinneck, Marion Harrison, Aidan Winterburn and Chris Bloor (Leeds Metropolitan University), Sarah Fisher (Arts Council of England), Paul Lines (Mediaheaven), Derek Horton, Tony Dash, Brigitte Jurack, Heidi & Zak.

Grey chronology

Old Testament Shall you bring down my grey hairs with sorrow to the grave (Genesis 42:38) c1550 All cats are grey in the dark, proverb

1591-95 The grey-eyed morn smiles on the frowning night, chequering the eastern clouds with streaks of light, William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet: Act 2, Scene 3

1640 First mention of Rikyu grey (Rikyu nezumi) in the Annuals of Choando, Kubo Gondaifu Toshinari’s book of tea in which he encouraged Japanese people to reject the ornate in favour of rusticity.

c1840 Regrets are the natural property of grey hairs, Charles Dickens

1797 Moonlight, Study at Millbank, J.M.W. Turner

1822 The earth was grey with phantoms, P.B. Shelley

1911 Little grey home in the West, Hermann Frederic Löhr and D. Eardley-Wilmot

1926 Grey Gull Records open recording studio in New York City equipped with the new electric microphones

1937 The Grey Children – a study in humbug and misery, James Hanley

1944 The old grey hare, featuring Bugs Bunny

1949 What struck Winston was the look of helpless fright on the woman’s greyish face, 1984, George Orwell

1959 What a poem this is … describing every grey mysterious detail, the grey film that caught the actual pink juice of human kind, Jack Kerouac

1965 1965 / 1 – 8, Roman Opalka’s daily painting of consecutive numbers on blank canvas begins, switching to a grey background in 1968. Also, in 1965 the Mamas and The Papas write California Dreaming’s All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey and a year later, Alan Charlton commences his grey monochrome canvases.

1971 The Old Grey Whistle test starts on BBC as Caravan release In the land of pink and grey.

1981 Peter Saville’s grey sleeve design for Joy Division’s Still

1982 You’ve got grey eyes, from Temptation, New Order

1992 They say grey is boring. They say grey is dull. They say grey means John Major. But they’re wrong! Grey can be good! Grey can even be sexy, Esquire Magazine

2003 Into the grey, exhibition of seventeen artists working with grey, Cover Up project space, London

2004 The Grey Album, Dangermouse’s illegal mesh of The White Album (including Revolution 9) and The Black Album, followed by a mass file sharing day known as Grey Tuesday

2009 I am black or white, I'll never be grey in my life, Diego Maradona